The spirit

As we move towards a post-pandemic world, we have learned many lessons. Among these lessons is an outlier, that is, challenges can help us grow and find answers to forgotten or unasked questions. On one end, challenges can lead to complexity, uncertainty and uncomfortability. Yet, challenges can also create opportunities to question the status-quo. For us, this opportunity is to reflect on old habits, open the door to potential new perspectives and most importantly, disrupt & change.

For this year’s TEDxNuremberg event, we would like to invite everyone to reflect on potential focus areas that are susceptible to disruption and change. Which structures must still be disrupted to accomplish the changes we urgently need? How has COVID-19 created an opportunity for disruption and change? What are the best ways to achieve a paradigm shift, behavioural shift or mindset shift? What is the potential cost or sacrifice of this disruption or change? And what transformations can we expect in the foreseeable future?

The tickets

Keep in mind, this event will be held in English.

The following is included in your ticket:

  • One ticket to attend the TEDxNuremberg event in July 2022
  • One goodie-bag with various presents
  • One voucher for a free drink

The entrances will open at 3:30 PM and the event will commence at 4:00 PM.

Please make sure to carry a valid form of ID as checks may be executed. For discounted tickets all necessary documents must be shown at the check-in desk otherwise access will be denied.

We recommend wearing a face mask, however, this is not mandatory.