Bernhard Scholz

Bernhard Scholz holds an M.A in Psychology and Management and an M.Litt from the University of St. Andrews in International Business. After five years, which took him to most of the whisky distilleries, lochs and peaks of this beautiful part of the UK, it was time to leave bonnie Scotland behind.

Back in Germany Bernhard entered the world of strategic brand positioning and management at the specialized consultancy BrandTrust GmbH in Nuremberg, as of January 2022 he has been appointed to the role of partner.

The gap between wish and reality or that between strategy and the ability to follow through is the main contrast that Bernhard has identified in corporate attempts to undergo change. Thus his drive is to regard brand strategy as business strategy – just from a different perspective . If done right, this empathic approach to strategy enables the buy-in from employees and the organizational culture at large.

In his TEDxTalk Bernhard will share the concept of how organizational habits can support organizational change and how less is once again more.